Internet use in Spain grows fourteen points during quarantine

Internet use in Spain grows fourteen points during quarantine

The adoption of digital dynamics and the use of the Internet by Spaniards have grown by about 14 percentage points as a result of the current situation generated by the coronavirus, since 92% of consumers admit to using at least one digital service today, compared to 78% before the Covid-19 crisis.

This is reflected in the McKinsey & Company survey ‘The Digital Pulse’, which further notes that eight out of ten respondents say that it will continue with the digital habits acquired during the quarantine period in order to return to the ‘new normal’.

According to the survey, the first wave of which was carried out in April (from the fifth week of confinement in Spain, from which new customs and habits have been stabilized), quarantine has led to an increase in sectoral digital channels.

“If it was usual for the Spanish consumer to access almost three different services over the Internet, such as banking, travel and telecommunications, during quarantine users access almost five different services over the Internet on average. In addition, the number of digital services has increased by 55%,” says Benjamim Vieira of McKinsey & Company.

The survey also indicates that 68% of new users of digital services have spent money, as well as 26% of respondents have made an online grocery purchase and 21% in entertainment during quarantine. In addition to purchasing, obtaining information is the second goal of using digital channels.


In terms of the type of digital services, banking has the highest penetration with 74% of users, of which 26% began to use digital financial services as a result of quarantine, and a current frequency of use between three and five times per week.

Leisure and entertainment, with 72% of users, is the sector that has captured the most new users (33% of new users). Then the power, with 60% digital penetration today, is the second sector that has noted the greatest increase since the beginning of quarantine, with 29% of new users in Spain and weekly use.

Just behind it are social networks with frequent daily use and a total of 72% of digital users, 31% more than before the Covid-19 crisis. The telecommunications sector, which registers similar use for digital banking services (three to five times weekly), has added 19% of new users to 58% of total digital users.

Fashion and insurance are the sectors with the least increase in use of its digital channels, its digital penetration currently being 46% for fashion (with 11% of new users) and 31% for the insurance sector (with 6% of new users).

Lastly, the travel sector, which has noted an increase of 5% of new digital users to 44% digital penetration in Spain. In reference to access, 60% of Spaniards prefer web access over mobile applications.


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