✅ This app is the new vice of young people at home, and it’s not Houseparty

✅ This app is the new vice of young people at home, and it's not Houseparty

We’ve all heard of Zoom or Houseparty, which are triumphing during quarantine. This latest app, because it allows people to play games while making video calls, a very useful way to entertain themselves.

However, there is another app that has also hooked many people looking to kill time with their friends, and the idea behind it is surprisingly simple. It’s Parchis Star, an app that allows you to play parchís. A game as old and traditional as parchís has been enough to vitiate hundreds of people in front of the screen for hours and hours.

Parchis Star is a free product from Gameberry Labs, an Indian-born company, which has a score of Google’s App Store 4.6 out of 5, and more than 10 million downloads. Downloads soared twice on the App Store from March 16, as collected by El Mundo. Other firms are already trying to get on the car of this costumbrista board game, such as playspace’s Parchís, which does not yet reach two million downloads. It turns out that this game could still be exploited in the digital age.


In networks there is a great deal about the game, which stars, for example, the famous blockages that so intrude the players (when someone manages to place two chips in the same box). The app allows four people to play simultaneously, that is, as in the original game that we all know. But there are even requests for Parchis Star to allow more participants to be incorporated at the same time.

The app has a great system of rewards, rankings and virtual money that people can use to bring this game to life by harnessing the full potential of new technologies. It is a program that keeps the original spirit of the well-known board game intact, and expands it without creating an overly modern or horrendous substitute.


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